General Music

MUSIC: 2021-2022



From Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, the GENERAL MUSIC program provides students with a diverse curriculum in which, from grade level to grade level, they increase their skills and understanding of the music fundamentals of rhythm, melody, harmony, expression, composition, and form.   In a warm and supportive environment, the program seeks to respond to students’ socio-emotional needs through music that expresses their feelings, ideas, and positive beliefs. 


The curriculum draws upon secular and non-secular sources that provide students with a broad range of musical experiences.  The musical material at each grade level coordinates with St. Stephen’s academic and character education goals for that age group.  The program does this by drawing upon the religious, literary, social studies, and science topics that students are studying in their other classes.  Also, the program is responsive to the holidays and current events that are meaningful to the St. Stephen of Hungary community.  GENERAL MUSIC celebrates diversity by exposing students to songs, dances, composers, and performers from different cultures, time periods, and genres. 


In a project-based learning environment, students acquire leadership and collaboration skills by developing performances and presentations for their peers.  As students expand their musical knowledge, they become critical listeners and lifetime musical consumers.    Scott Laughead, General Music Teacher, has been with the St. Stephen of Hungary staff since 2011.