Early Childhood » Welcome to the SSHS Early Childhood Classes

Welcome to the SSHS Early Childhood Classes

Pre K 2 - Little Sprouts Program:
This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your 2 year old to school!
Students participate in enjoyable learning
activities, free play, music and movement, arts and crafts, and story
time while Mom, Dad or a caregiver has access to a comfortable area for
the duration of the class. Take time to socialize with other adults or
catch up on work!
Pre-Kindergarten 3-year-old Program:
Here in Pre-K3, we learn social-emotional skills by collaborating in center time and small groups to develop language skills while learning to take turns and share.  Our story time focuses on interacting with picture-books and answering open ended questions and recalling details while also sharing opinions.  Music and movement focuses on enhancing large motor skills while exposing children to various types of music and learning to follow directions.  During circle time, children participate in discussions, answering open-ended questions that invoke critical thinking while having the chance to share their ideas with their peers.
Pre-Kindergarten 4-year-old Program:

We love to learn in PreK-4!  Students are engaged throughout the school year in hands-on projects – some teacher-led, some independent, and lots of play.  A few highlights we would like to share are:  


Animal Habitats:   In the fall students in PK4 worked on creating a forest habitat for woodland animals. Students collage boxes and use miniature trees, wood pieces, animals figurines, books, and more to explore life in the forest.


In the winter we create polar habitats – students can explore melting ice, how blubber keeps animals warm, and what it means to camouflage in the arctic.



Cross-Curricular Studies:  In PK4 students explore areas of the classroom by making choices and taking turns.  We use different areas and materials to enhance learning. Some of our favorite studies are:    Pediatrician Office, Camping, Pizza Shop, Author Study,  Farmer’s Market – pumpkins, plants, flowers.

Kindergarten Program:
Kindergarten is a substantial year of growth both academically and socially. Students are becoming readers, writers, and creating meaningful friendships to last throughout their school years. Early childhood strives to create life long learners, even at our school’s earliest ages.