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Athletics at Saint Stephen School is designed to nurture and develop each student’s physical ability. Through daily physical activity in our play area all students Pre K-3 through Grade 8 are able to develop their gross motor skills and increase their overall physical health.

Supporting students’ physical needs is a priority at Saint Stephen School. Daily activity in our turfed play yard allows all students, Pre-K3 through Grade 8, to experience fresh air, physical activity and game playing. Weekly developmentally-appropriate Movement and Physical Education classes are part of our core curriculum for all students.

Athletics in the Lower School

Our Lower School students partake in Movement Class weekly as they develop gross motor skills and learn about their bodies in space. Combining Yoga, tumbling, creative dance, music and game-based exercises, Movement Class is an age-appropriate program that keeps our young students active and works to increase their physical intelligence and promote a strong self image.

Students participate in after school club sports through Kids’ Clubs. A range of sports are available and run by neighborhood organizations, including soccer, basketball, floor hockey and golf.

Athletics in the Upper School

Each week, our Upper School students participate in Physical Education Class. As the students grow older they refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, leading naturally into more organized sports. Reinforcing the collaborative nature of the classroom, students have the opportunity to be part of a team and work together with friends during team sports. In addition to building athletic skills, students also work on sportsmanship as they are exposed to a wide range of activities and sports.

Students can join team sports such as basketball and track to compete against other school in Manhattan through the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). Students can also participate in fencing through the NY Fencers Club, and other Kids' Clubs