Visual Art

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“Because the Catholic school educates the total child, art should not be seen as an “extra” or as something that is dispensable in the school experience, but as a subject integral to the mission of Catholic school education.


The visual arts curriculum at St. Stephen of Hungary School incorporates the basic goals of the curriculum of the Archdiocese of New York, while allowing for the individual student to explore their own creativity; work collaboratively; practice problem solving; and see the relationship between art and other subjects, such as math, English Language Arts, social studies, and science.  Over the course of their Pre-K through 8th grade years, our students will gain confidence in their ability to interpret their world and express their point of view through many different visual media.



  1. Create, perform, and participate in the Arts.
  2. Know and use materials and resources of the Arts.
  3. Respond to and analyze works of art.
  4. Understand the cultural dimensions & contributions of the Arts.

“The arts are the voice and memory of all communities and all societies. They are a universal language, a unifying force for humanity and an opportunity for our students to express themselves. Throughout the ages, individuals have used the God-given gift of fine art as a way to bear witness to and commemorate the great moments in the life of Christ and the Church.


Our Art curriculum meets the high expectations of the National and New York State Standards in Art Education. It includes grade-level-appropriate exploration of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Art criticism
  • Art heritage
  • Art production

We encourage children to express their own thoughts and emotions through fine art as a way to cultivate creative thinking and emotional development. We integrate the role of the Church in the discussion of art history and criticism.”

Visual Arts at St. Stephen of Hungary School

Each year, every grade will create projects that explore the following techniques:  drawing, painting, collage, clay, sculpture and printmaking.  They will gain skills in each of these areas at an age-appropriate pace, revisiting the techniques in different ways over the course of the school year.  A focus is placed on art production to provide the most hands-on and satisfying experience in the classroom. Each grade will have a different theme that guides the curriculum over the year, ensuring that students will not repeat the same exact project but rather, will have the opportunity to use familiar techniques to explore different subject matter.