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Financial Aid Programs


STA supports Saint Stephen of Hungary School’s (SSHS) commitment to engaging students of diverse backgrounds and providing them with affordable educational opportunities. 

SSHS’s financial aid program offers support to qualified families based on need and the availability of funding which is limited. Approximately 10% of the students at SSHS receive financial aid; the awards generally cover 5% - 25% of tuition. Recipients are responsible for the remaining amount.

All school fees are extra and not eligible for School Tuition Assistance.  Awards are granted for one year at a time and must be reapplied for annually. Awards are limited and renewal is not guaranteed. School Tuition Assistance is dependent on fundraising sources, primarily the St. Stephen of Hungary School Foundation. 

SSHS uses our enrollment/tuition vendor Blackbaud to evaluate financial aid applications. Blackbaud opened the portal for 23/24 financial aid applications on October 4, 2022 for a family fee of $35. It is strongly recommended that you submit your application by January 31, 2023.  For applicants meeting this deadline, we expect to share awards (if any) with applicants in the Spring, for the 23/24 school year.   Financial Aid applications are accepted at any time on a rolling basis,  however, funding is not guaranteed. 

Click: smartaidforparents


SSHS works with the INNER-CITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (ICSF) and CHILDREN'S SCHOLARSHIP FUND (CSF).  During the first quarter of 2023, these programs will email a reminder to current recipients to submit documents for the 23/24 school year.   

For newly accepted students (K- Gr. 8) to SSHS, in addition to submitting a financial aid application through Blackbaud, please contact Director of Admissions Judy Dickson at [email protected] if you are interested in the ICSF and CSF nomination process.


1) Combined financial assistance from all sources may not exceed 75% of the student's tuition. All families are required to pay, at a minimum, 25% of each student's tuition.

2) For the 23/24 school year, PreK 3 - Gr. 8 students may submit a financial aid application for STA.  Effective for the 24/25 school year, financial applications will be accepted for K-8 students.