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Letter of the Week and Phonics

We will be using the Orton Gillingham approach to teaching letters, sounds, and phonemic connections, as this is what the older grades in our school use.  Below you'll find a link to help explain the approach and reasoning behind the order.  

Each week I will post our "letter of the week" with extra worksheets and links to use at home if desired (these are usually our "morning work" activities in school).  

While we focus on a letter and sound each week, we are learning about ALL LETTERS all the time - in our morning message, through stories, play, journal drawing and "writing" and more.  

Letter and Sound Recognition Order:
C, O, A, D, G, M, I, H, T, L, J, K, P, U B, R, F, N, E, S, W, Y, V, X, Z, Q