Remote Learning Resources

In the event you and your child need to go remote, you are welcome to refer to these resources.  Weekly plans and materials will always be shared on our Google Classroom Page, however, these links and downloads are here to supplement any learning you are conducting at home.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need support or have any questions!
Journal Entry Example:
**This is geared toward our SPRING SEMESTER - use as reference for progress
Students write weekly in journals (more if they choose!) both with a prompt or subject or about a topic of their own choosing.  In school we talk about the prompt and get some ideas flowing, then the children draw a detailed picture related to the prompt/topic.  We ask them to put details like - hair, faces, horizon line, and other pertinent details depending on what they choose to draw and write about.  We also encourage the kids to use AT LEAST 6 COLORS - and talk about how illustrators use a lot of colors and details in books and that's what makes them more interesting to read and look at :).  
After your child finishes they drawing we ask them to "tell me about what you drew."  The point here is that their print and drawing should "match" or go together.  Just like when you read a book, the illustrations help describe or ILLUSTRATE the words the author is conveying.  If your child is able to sound out words independently, please have them try to "write" their sentence that describes the picture on their own.  Many still need help making the letter sounds.  By now all (or just about all) of the children can write the letter that stands for each sound when we help them stretch words out.  
If you notice your child is struggling to match sounds to letters, or even further, identify and write the letter after helping them identify the sound, please work with them at home.  These are fundamental skills needed for kindergarten.  
See photos below of how children usually draw and write in their journals with support.  We do ask that you let them TRY (even if they struggle a bit) and encourage siblings to let them do it - they are capable!  The most important thing to remember - DON'T STRESS, DO YOUR BEST!
PS - It's totally okay and age appropriate for children to use a letter to represent a word, or leave out some vowels or other silent letter sounds - I never tell them they are wrong, I encourage them to do their best and write what they think and anything that comes from their brain is their idea so it's always great!
Writing Prompt Examples:
- What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
- Draw what you love doing in school
- If you could go on a trip where would you go?
- What is your favorite holiday and why?
- What do you notice about the changes outside in SPRING?
- If you were an astronaut, what would you see?
- Draw and write about something your learned in school this year
You can also do free choice or anything else that interests your child.  Refer to the sight word list we use in school (under our ABC chart).  It's posted here and has been sent home as well.  I have also sent home blank journal pages in addition to the one posted here for those of you in school today.  
I love seeing pictures of how kids are doing and learning at home - don't be shy to share!
Some You-Tube Channels and recommended videos we use in the classroom:
- Jack Hartmann:
   - we use his letter videos, count to 100 (by 1s, by 10s, by 5s), and many more
   - he's kind of cheesy but the kids love him (especially his floss dance!) and the counting/moving videos are great
- Cosmic Kids Yoga:
   - our go-to for moving, calming, and focusing
   - shorter videos on mindfulness, focus, gratitude, bravery, and more
   - full length yoga videos that are theme and story based 
- KidzBop Kids:
   - we LOVE watching and listening and having dance parties!
- The Learning Station:
   - great movement breaks, educational songs, and more
   - we use these a lot in the morning (Shake Your Sillies Out, Listen and Move)
   - our class favorite to start our day with love and kindness is "Sparkle"
- ABC Mouse Letter Songs on You-Tube
- Magic School Bus:
  - Netflix and You-Tube
  - Science based themes for each episode like - rainbows, hibernation, the water cycle, plants, bats, spiderwebs, composting, and more!
Letter of the Day Game:
While you are at home, review and reinforce letter sounds by conducting a "Letter of the Day" investigation.  I suggest picking a letter we have covered each morning (in random order for better comprehension) and use a ziplock bag, bin, or Tupperware container with that letter on it.  
Throughout the day encourage your child to fill the bag/bin with items they come across that begin with that letter sound.  
Letter Ff Day
- practice writing letter in the morning and making sounds
- great time to watch a Jack Hartmann video on Letter Ff or just google "Letter F songs" and there are some great kids songs for each letter
- as your child plays, eats, reads, etc. they fill the bag or bin
   - fish toy
   - farm
   - fan
   - fruit
- this is kind of like our version of weekly show and tell - your child is making and building letter sound connections
Pick a new letter each day and see how many objects your child can find!
Gym and Physical Activities from Ms. Fiona:
Home workout
Laurie Berkner band: (Goldfish song -the kids will know it:)
Freeze Dance: 
Keep the balloon up. 
Blow up a balloon and try and keep it in the air with any part of your body (finger, knee, head etc). 
Timed games are always fun too: 
How many jumping jacks can you complete in one minute. 
Schedule and Routine Suggestions:
In the event our class or school would need to go remote, I will send a specific schedule with days, times, materials, and zoom links
8:30 - 8:45 - Morning Work
  - I suggest morning wake up, breakfast, etc. and then "letter of the week" tracing, writing, or something related
8:45 - 9:00 - Morning Meeting
  - When I write the Morning Message, I leave "blanks" for students to fill in sight words.  You are welcome to try the same - see attached photo for an example
  - song or movement (Jack Hartmann, Learning Station, etc.)
Morning Activities - Roughly 9 - 11:30
  - games, specials, writing, journals, related to letter of the week, theme, and math concepts
  - during this time we have snack (we say the Angel of God Prayer before we eat) and recess
Read Aloud
  - we read as a group and then talk about the story, make predictions, and ask comprehension questions
11:45 - 12:20 - Lunch
Rest / Downtime
1:00 - 2:00 - Free Play!
  - legos, magnatiles, puzzles, dress up, babydoll, play dough, art/drawing, other games and materials
  - The kids ALWAYS work together to clean up :)
End of Day Meeting - recall what we learned, reflect on day, review letter sounds, counting, etc.
I found this game and thought I would share - use muffin tins to sort toys/objects by initial letter sound:
Letter of the Week Video Resource:
Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew
- each video is about 12 minutes long
- help Olive on her adventure to solve alphabet related problems and focus on one letter per video
Uppercase, Lowercase, Letter Sound Puzzle:
- you can print, cut, and use this game next week during "literacy centers"
Here are some extra resources if you are looking for more ways to fill your days :)
Home Choice Boards:
You are welcome to print these or just pull them up to reference.  They have great examples of activity choices kids can do at home.  From time to time I may post in classroom "make two choices from your board today..." etc.