How can I receive admissions materials from Saint Stephen School?

Admissions materials are available on our website.  Find them by clicking here.

How do I apply to Saint Stephen School?

You can access our application by clicking here.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

If you are a current family and are applying for a younger sibling the deadline for your application is November 1st.  The deadline for all other applicants is December 1st. The application form, application fee ($225), and all related materials and documents should be completed and returned as soon as possible. Screenings and play dates for Pre K and Kindergarten applicants are scheduled in the order in which we receive applications.  In order to ensure that a screening can be arranged prior to the first round of decisions, families are encouraged to apply according to the deadlines. You may still send in the forms after the deadline for our rolling admissions, which is based upon availability. However, screenings are scheduled only when a potential seat becomes available.

What are the age requirements for admission to Saint Stephen School?

In accordance with the Archdiocesan of New York’s regulations, students will be admitted to kindergarten only if they will be five years old by the end of December and to the first grade only if they will be six years old by the end of December. Additionally, students applying for pre-kindergarten must be three years old by the end of December for the pre-kindergarten 3 program and four years old by the end of December for the pre-kindergarten 4 program. All children must be toilet trained upon entering the school.