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Saint Stephen School recognizes the importance of students developing a love of reading and an ability to problem solve utilizing print and digital resources. The Saint Stephen School Library is a wonderful environment that encourages reading and cross curricular planning with classroom instruction. The library provides both fiction and non-fiction books for readers of all levels, and the collection is constantly expanding through the generosity of parents and other donors. Digital resources are an integral part of the library experience.

Library in the Lower School

Students in the Lower School are exposed to various genres through read-alouds and library exploration time. Students are encouraged to choose a “just right” book to support independent reading. With picture books on the lower shelves, Lower School students are able to explore fiction and non-fiction stories with ease. 

Library in the Middle School

Students in the Upper School continue to connect with wonderful books, but the library also provides students an opportunity to learn research skills in a variety of ways. As technology and research methods continue to evolve and change, Saint Stephen School recognizes the importance of teaching students 21st century skills allowing them to experience continued success as our society advances.