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Religious Studies and Formation

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4th Grade - Religion
In 4th grade students are engaged in conversations about their faith that connect to their everyday actions and behaviors.
Students learn how to live and act how Jesus did.
Students explore what it means to have a conscience and exercise free will.  
Students learn parables that demonstrate Jesus' love and lessons
Students learn each of the 10 Commandments
Students attend mass every week and participate in confession at Saint Monica's Church. 

5th Grade - Religion


Theme: Through the sacraments, the Church celebrates saving action in our lives.

Objective: To help the child experience and understand the rites of the sacraments, and so become a more conscious and active participant in the Church’s sacramental life.

  Students will:

Learn that we meet Jesus in the sacraments.

Celebrate that Jesus is present in the sacraments.

Share in the Church’s mission by giving witness.

Live out the sacraments by being faithful and inviting others to follow Jesus.
Grade 6 - Religion
Theme - God's saving actions are found throughout history. The Bible, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, records God's plan of salvation.
Objective- To understand the Old Testament as the revelation of God in the history of a people, a revelation that is fulfilled in the New Testament.
Grade 7 - Religion
Overview - The Human Person - Part 1
Jesus and the Gospel Message - New Testament
The Seven Sacraments
Respect for Life
Grade 8 - Religion
Overview - The Human Person - Part 2
Church History - Pentecost to Present
Preparation for Confirmation
In addition all classes will participate in school liturgies, and will learn about the lives of the saints of the Catholic church. Opportunities for service is part of the Religious Studies program of this school community.