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Saint Stephen School knows that in our global society, students benefit from learning a foreign language at an early age. The French program at Saint Stephen School aims to develop language skills, as well as an appreciation of the French culture through weekly classes.

French in the Lower School

Students in the Lower School begin their exposure to the French language through song and movement. By learning French songs and developing age appropriate dialogue skills, students experience a foreign language while also learning about the French culture. As students continue through the Lower School they learn increasingly more vocabulary based on thematic studies.

French in the Middle School

Students in the Upper School build on skills from the Lower School, while beginning a greater focus on vocabulary and grammar within the French language. Students develop literacy skills within French through written exercises include cross word puzzles, word searches, matching games, art projects, and grammar worksheets. Students will learn gender, number, adjectives, and simple conjugation, as well as reading simplified French stories. In the Upper School, students continue their spoken French through increased dialogue experiences, including mini-plays.