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Social Studies

4th Grade is a year that students engage and explore the geography and history of New York. 
Students become active participants in their Social Studies education with engaging group projects, presentations, and class simulations. 
Students use the Savvas curriculum workbook as a base, but in the classroom, we enrich lessons with Discovery Ed, role-playing, research, and real-world connections. All Social Studies Units are literacy-based. 
Some units 4th grade can look forward to:
United States Geography- Students research and present about a state
New York Geography, Climate, Resources, and Agriculture
Native Americans of New York- Students do a research project and presentation on a tribe. 
Three Worlds Meet -(European Exploration)
Colonial New York- This unit concludes with students presenting a trade as a Colonial New Yorker in a trade show. 
The American Revolution in NY- We read "I Survived The American Revolution" while simulating each battle until victory
A New Nation
Social Change and The Civil War
New York Transforms
New York Government
New York in The 21st Century
Additional Topics Covered-
4th Grade participates in a Presidential Election and creates their own form of government. 
Meet A Veteran Series- Students study and prepare interview questions for real Veterans. Students meet and interview two Veterans on Zoom. The unit is concluded with Thank you letters to our Veterans. 
The First Thanksgiving
Then and Now Grandparent Biography assignment
NY History Alive Wax Museum- Students dress up and give a brief history of a famous person in NY.

5th Grade Social Studies

We will utilize Savvas Realize and have quizzes after each lesson.

Social Studies lessons also incorporates literacy in the classroom, as well as other lessons: literacy, critical thinking, vocabulary, map and graph skills.

Our units of study include: The First American’s, Age of Exploration, The Colonies, American Revolution, A New Nation, Westward Expansion and Civil War and Reconstruction