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Classroom Guidelines

Behavior Management

We setup clear behavioral expectations with students from the first day of school and continue each day to teach Catholic values of kindness, compassion, and empathy. We focus on providing your student with the tools needed to make good choices. We use positive reinforcement to develop mutual respect, cooperation and to help each individual take responsibility for our classroom community. We encourage positive decision-making and risk-taking. Our main purpose is to develop self-esteem and problem-solving skills within each child. Your children will be treated with warmth, fairness and consistency.


We use a behavior management plan based on positive reinforcement and logical consequences. We use a color-coded system that allows students to monitor their own progress. We use a green, yellow, red, and purple chart.

When a student ends the day above green they get rewarded with a special prize.

When a child ends the day on purple this means that he/she has had an “Outstanding Day!” 

When a child ends the day on green it means that your child had a “Great Day!”

If a student makes a poor choice regarding the classroom expectations, he/she will receive two reminders and then a warning. The student’s clip will be moved to yellow, which stands for “Oopsie! Let’s think.” 

 If the student continues to make a poor choice and is still having difficulty, their clip will be moved to red and parent contact will be made.


Additionally, we have also created a list of classroom guidelines as a class!