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Spotlight & Testimonials

Grandparents/Grandfriends Day 
Friday, March 3, 2023
A Day in the Life of a St. Stephen Student:
We enjoyed a wonderful day as grandparents and special grandfriends visited. They enjoyed breakfast in the auditorium with Violin and Show Choir performances. It was lovely to hear some of our own grandparents speak. Grandparents and grandfriends were welcomed into the classrooms.  Thank you to everyone who participated in making this a fantastic day. 
Message from Mr. John Cregar, Caden's grandfather to Ms. Genova-Hall:
I wish to express my appreciation for your charming Grandparents Day event last week. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit Caden's classroom...In addition, I wish to commend the participation of your older students who were tremendous help in guiding us to the various locations we needed to find. In many cases they escorted us personally. They did a wonderful job.  I am so impressed with St. Stephen's and delighted that Caden is one of your students. 
Message from Mr. and Mrs. Cagney to Ms. Genova-Hall:
Thank you and bravo on a wonderful  "G'rents Day"! The work and preparation of all was obvious, impressive and thoughtful. Thank you for your teachers, and so many good souls behind the curtain!
Message from Ms. Maureen Pistey, Teddy's grandmother to Ms. Laurel Wyatt:
Grandparents day was lovely! We enjoyed the breakfast get together with other grandparents and meeting some student helpers.  Of course the highlight was spending time in in your classroom. All the special areas for different activities make it easy to see why the children are eager to learn. We spent time with several students and one was cuter than the next. Thanks to you and Ms.Doreen they are getting a good base for the rest of their school careers.

Message from Across the Pond

from Mr. and Mrs. Owens:

We want to write and just say how much we are missing New York and especially our dear friends in St. Stephens. The move has shown us what a very special community St Stephens has been for us and our children. We regularly get complimented on how the kids interact in class and especially how inclusive and kind they are to their fellow students. We know it’s because of the environment that they are used to since preschool. Isla and Jack compare everything to St Stephens and I know they enjoy reliving so many happy memories.  We look forward to going back to visit and see everyone soon.  


If there are ever European families who want to speak to a family about the school, feel free to send them our way!  Sending you much love from Ireland. Saint Stephen's is never far from our thoughts!

Thanks so much,   Finbar & Siobhan 

Message from Ms. Meizi Wu parent of Trinity 
We are so happy and confident about the principal Ms. Allyson Genova-Hall’s leadership. We are so touched by each time how nicely the concert was delivered. It is amazing to see kids are so nicely assembled and songs so beautifully sung. Our daughter showed a wonderful personal growth in her academic endeavors. She completes her homework each day first thing when she come home, thanks to the teachers' guidance and discipline. The school’s faculty are kind and always very helpful. We are grateful for the school and will surely pay visits!