Hi. My name is MaryAnne Santora and I am very excited to be the third grade teacher this year. I am looking forward to working with your children and helping them grow spiritually and academically. I have been a teacher in the Archdiocese for 20 years and have taught many grade levels. I am very excited to be working with your children this year.


Upcoming Tests

Math: Module 1: Wednesday, October 23: Multiplication and Division

Students will receive a review sheet of concepts learned. 

Social Studies: Friday, October 25:

Social Studies: Friday, October 25: 

Name and Locate:

  • 7 Continents
  • 4 Oceans
  • Hemispheres
  • Equator
  • Prime Meridian
  • Cardinal directions


Describe where places are in relation to each other and describe connections between places. 

Information can be found in the Social Studies book on pages: SSH2-SSH3 and 4-5. Books can be used to study, but must be brought back to school on Monday.

Copy of reading repsonse questions

Students will read 15 minutes each night from an independent reading book. Students will respond to one question each night  from the following list of questions . Students must answer the question in complete sentences. Please write the date in your notebook each night that you are responding to a question. If students forget their reading notebook at school they can respond to a question on a piece of paper. Please pick a different question each night.