MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Testing

You’ve heard a lot about MAP testing, and recently, a parent mentioned that “they’ve heard enough” about MAP testing – but when you hear about MAP testing and growth, you are hearing about our students’ growth – and you can never hear enough about that. MAP testing is our way of gathering as much information about our students’ skills – skill gaps and skill accelerations – so that we can use this information to inform and guide our instruction and help our students progress consistently, continually and at an appropriately challenging level for each of them regardless of their level of achievement.
And in addition to using this information to guide our instruction, we use this information to remain accountable to our students and parents for the quality and rigor of instruction that we provide. That is why we insist on “reporting out” as much as we do.
In short, each student has target Growth Goals based upon the data generated by over 10 million students in the United States. Their Growth Goal is set based upon their level of achievement and represents a challenge for each of them, whether they are at the lower level of achievement spectrum or the highest level. It is every bit as difficult to achieve your growth goal when you are at the 98% of achievement as it is when you are at the 25% of achievement!
The faculty and students of St. Stephen of Hungary School did an outstanding job of achieving – and exceeding – their Growth Goals (set by MAP) for the 2018-2019 school year. In 2017-2018, St. Stephen of Hungary School ranked 106 among 126 elementary schools in the Archdiocese for Growth Index. For 2018-2019, St. Stephen of Hungary School ranked 1st among 126 elementary schools in the Archdiocese for Growth Index!
There is no doubt about it, our students are growing and achieving at rates about which they can feel proud and you can feel confident.