Faculty and Staff

Each faculty member is carefully selected to further the mission of Saint Stephen School. They are committed to working in partnership with each individual family while collaborating with peers to create innovative and engaging learning experiences for each student. Faculty members are highly trained in differentiating instruction, allowing all students to reach their maximum potential.

The Assistant Teacher Program creates a partnership between a head and assistant teacher in grades Pre-K 3 – 3rd. The co-teaching model allows for small group instruction during core subjects while building a collaborative environment for our teaching staff. As head teachers act as a mentor, assistant teachers bring innovative ideas from universities throughout the city as they complete their masters in education.

Head of School: Ms. Caroline Walker

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Irene Rodriguez

Head of Upper School: Ms. Nicole McCabe

Head of Lower School: Ms. Kathleen Murphy

Director of Admissions: Mrs. Jennifer DeSpirito

Director of Development: Ms. Sarah Hill

Associate Director of Development: Ms. Lauren Walker

Early Birds Program

Head Teacher: Ms. Shannon Rouse

Assistant Teacher: Ms. Ariane Leon


Pre-K3 A Head Teacher: Mrs. Aine Ryan

Pre-K3 A Assistant Teacher: Ms. Barbara Murphy

Pre-K3 B Head Teacher: Mrs. Megan Moffit

Pre-K3 B Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Lisa Negron


Pre-K4 A Head Teacher: Ms. Laurel Wyatt

Pre-K4 A Assistant Teacher: Ms. Hattie Kolp

Pre-K4 B Head Teacher: Ms. Danielle Shedlarz

Pre-K4 B Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Dorreen Farrugia


KA Head Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Schmidt

KA Assistant Teacher: Ms. Maureen Massaroni

KB Head Teacher: Ms. Micki Brunson

KB Assistant Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Tam

1st Grade

1A Head Teacher: Ms. Michelle Schilling

1A Assistant Teacher: Ms. Jenn Nicholas

1B Head Teacher: Ms. Julia Lynch

1B Assistant Teacher: Ms. Monica Sherwood

2nd Grade

2A Head Teacher: Ms. Conor Duncan

2A Assistant Teacher: Ms. Jessica Cerrone

2B Head Teacher: Mr. Dan Mullen

2B Assistant Teacher: Ms. Kelly Holmes

3rd Grade

3A Head Teacher: Ms. Kathleen Culhane

3A Assistant Teacher: Ms. Marielle McMahon

3B Head Teacher: Ms. Jessica Vidal

3B Assistant Teacher: Ms. Kristen Guzman

4th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Lisa Hipp - teaches 4th and 5th grade Math and Science

5th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Melissa Miller - teaches 4th grade ELA and Social Studies and 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Religion

6th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Stephanie Morefield - teaches 5th and 6th grade ELA and Social Studies

7th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Gigi Diffenback - teaches Earth Science, and 6th-8th grade Science and 7th and 8th grade Religion

8th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Lois Wang - teaches Advanced Algebra and 6th-8th grade Math

Mr. Will Simbol - teaches 7th and 8th grade ELA and Social Studies


Ms. Katie Hultz Villareal

Lower School Reading Specialist

Ms. Hannah Hirshfeld


Mr. Scott Laughead


Mrs. Ros Sterling - teaches K-8

Ms. Victoria Do - teaches Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Curriculum Violin and Chamber Ensemble

Ms. Elaiza Leon

Gym K-8

Mrs. Patti Dentice - teaches K-8

Mr. Theodore Kemm - teaches Pre-K3 and Pre-K4


Marc Rodriguez


Mr. Alfredo and Mr. Richard

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