Saint Stephen School knows students need to be prepared with 21st century skills that will allow them to succeed in our rapidly changing world.  We understand that when our students enter the workplace they will be operating in a society with technology we can not imagine.  Our aim is to integrate technology into the lives of our students in order to increase academic success and prepare our students to be digital citizens.

Technology in the Lower School

Students in the Lower School begin their exposure to technology through SMARTboards starting in Pre-K 4 and continuing through the Upper School.  These interactive boards allow students to manipulate materials to build deeper comprehension during lessons through hands-on interaction.

iPad are used by students in kindergarten through second grade in small group lessons.  With a 4-to-1 ratio of students to iPads in each classroom, students are able to interact with material on a more personal level as they learn to use the iPad as an instructional, learning tool.

Technology in the Upper School

Students in the Upper School continue to develop as digital citizens through an expanded iPad program.  In grades 3-5, there is a 2-to-1 ratio of students to iPads which allow small groups to utilize iPads to enhance lessons and extend their studies. Students learn  how to safely research topics online and develop presentations in multiple technology mediums.  In grades 6-8, students are issued a school iPad as part of a 1-to-1 program.  Students travel between classes with their iPad and take the device home in the evening to support homework.

The overall goals of the technology program in the Upper School is to best prepare students for real life applications with content and technology, become proficient in their use of Google docs, and create meaningful opportunities for students to demonstrate their command of technological and research skills through project-based assessments.

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