St. Stephen of Hungary School values the importance of creativity and innovation learned through the fine arts. Our program aims to develop students academically, artistically and spiritually through hands-on experience with a wide range of media and the inspiration of famous artists.

Art in the Lower School

Students in the Lower School have the opportunity to develop a wide range of fine motor skills to improve their ability to work with their hands. Early Artists are introduced to art concepts and vocabulary such as “line” and “shape,” and are exposed to a variety of materials such as clay, oil pastels and more. Art in the Lower School aims to lay a foundation with our Early Artists for a lifetime of inspiration and a love of creative expression.

Art in the Upper School

Students in the Upper School complete projects that are designed to help them learn about the art world, the natural world, and how art crosses the curriculum with science, math, social studies, and nearly every subject under the sun. Each grade has a yearly theme that serves as the curricular underpinning for their projects as they learn about drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and sculpture.

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