Language Arts » 5th Grade ELA

5th Grade ELA

Students will use the ReadyGen series to further develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. ReadyGen is a K-6 integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for all by presenting modeled reading experiences with modeled reading experiences with authentic text. Students engage in practice, build motivation, and improve their reading stamina. In addition to this excellently balanced text, students will be engaged in reading and writing in various genres of literature, including mysteries, poetry and non-fiction, just to name a few. Throughout the year, we will also integrate independent reading, weekly spelling units, and novel study units into the curriculum.

          Fifth  graders will expand vocabulary by speaking and listening effectively in classroom discussions, use a combination of strategies when reading, and read familiar selections with fluency and expression. The students will learn comprehension strategies for fiction and nonfiction texts.

           Students will be asked to identify main ideas, to make and confirm predictions, and to formulate questions about learning. Students will write narratives, informative, argumentative pieces, opinion writings and draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

ReadyGen provides 12 full-length, authentic literary and informational texts at every grade. 

Another authentic text is the Text Collection. These are topically related reads that span multiple genres and cultures. This includes poetry, primary sources and biographies.

The Sleuth text is a collection of short, high-interest reading selection to sharpen students’ critical thinking skills.

There is also the Leveled Text Library. It is a broad range up to 60 conceptually connected texts at each grade.

 We will use our Reader’s and Writer Journal as classwork and homework.

During ELA skills period we will work on grammar, spelling, vocabulary development, word analysis skills and speaking and listening skills. We will engage in ELA sites such as ReadWorks, NEWSELA and Edgenuity.