Language Arts » Policies and procedures for 7th grade

Policies and procedures for 7th grade

Student Work and Grading

  • In accordance with the Archdiocese, the grade breakdown will be as follows for each quarter:

         Classwork and Participation – 20%

         Homework – 10% 

         Quizzes – 25%

         Summative Assessments – 45%

    • Quizzes can be announced or unannounced.  Intermediate stages of essays and projects may also be assigned a quiz grade.   
    • Spelling and meaning quizzes will be given every week (depending on scheduling) where it covers academic vocabulary related to the text type and its theme as well as vocabulary lists compiled from the Archdiocese for 8th Grade.
    • Summative Assessments includes multimedia projects, tests, and essays.  All rough drafts of essays must be handed in with the final draft. 
  • Summative Assessments and Quizzes will be signed by parents, returned to school to be kept in my filing cabinet and handed back at the end of the year.
  • Assignments turned in late will be given a grade 10% lower than the achieved grade for every day that the assignment is late.  Weekends will be counted as one day. 


Homework will be posted on Google Classroom and/or recorded in their homework planners. It is important that the students are responsible for their own homework and it should be done neatly in students’ notebooks.

Homework slips will be issued to students missing homework. A parent signature is requested for each slip. The slip MUST be returned the following day. 

3 H/W slips= Pink slip resulting in after-school detention. 

Monday to Sunday- Edgenuity 75 minutes per week. 








H/W set/due *


H/W set/due *


H/W set/due *




*subject to change


You may contact me at for urgent parental concerns between Monday- Friday from 8am-6pm.

I should only receive emails from students in regards to classwork, homework and assessments as students at this grade level should be developing independence and practice advocating for their own school needs.