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Public High School Process

How to register your child through the DOE for public schools admissions:
SSOH parents need to register their kids in person at a DOE Welcome center.  You can find locations here and walk in.  Based on some peoples experiences, please leave yourself up to 2 hours to complete the process.  Also, please bring the following:  utility bill (names need to match), 7th grade report card, drivers license & birth certificate. 

2022 - DOE dates & details listed below for informational purposes only



MS and HS Admissions Timeline

  • October 6: SHSAT Registration Opens
  • October 12: HS Application Opens
  • October 26: MS Application Opens
  • November 17: SHSAT School Testing
  • November 19/20: SHSAT Weekend Testing
  • December 1: MS / HS Application Deadline
  • Early March: High School Offers
  • April: Middle School Offers

MS and HS Screening

  • High School Admissions: top-performing applicants from across each middle school and citywide will have first access to screened high school programs. Learn more here.
  • Middle School Admissions: The enrollment office will work with superintendents and communities to identify any schools that should incorporate a middle school screen. This information will be available when the MS application opens on October 26.

Upcoming Items for School Staff 

Open Houses:
  • MS and HS staff should plan on hosting open houses, school tours, and other recruiting events in the months of October and November, in anticipation of the December 1 deadline.
  • Schools may hold virtual and/or in-person open houses. We encourage schools to create an open house plan that maximizes access for prospective families.
  • Next week, we will invite MS and HS staff to upload dates of any recruiting events into a new events calendar in MySchools. This will be used by families participating in admissions.
  • Please review our school recruitment toolkit for suggestions on holding events.
Supporting Families through admissions
  • All schools should prepare to support their 5th, 8th, and select 9th grade students through MS and HS admissions.
  • Next week, we will invite school staff to register for trainings on the upcoming MS and HS admissions processes. We will continue to share resources for supporting families.
Specialized High School staff:
  • MS and HS staff will receive information next week about registering interested 8th and 9th graders for the SHSAT.
  • MS staff will receive information in the coming weeks about implementing SHSAT school day.

Please write to [email protected].gov with any questions about MS admissions. Please write to [email protected].gov with any questions about HS admissions.