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The fourth graders had their first lab of the school year today! Our scientists have been learning about all of the steps in the scientific method. They had to collaborate and work together in order to solve the problem. Way to go, scientists! 
Step 1 - Ask Questions
Step 2 - Gather Information 
Step 3 - Make a Hypothesis
Step 4 - Conduct an Experiment 
Step 5 - Observe and Record
Step 6 - Draw Conclusions
Step 7 - Share your Results 

 The fourth graders began their school year with unit 1. They have been learning about the scientific method, lab safety rules, writing labs, and engaging in hands-on activities using lab equipment. This will set our scientists up for success for units 2 - 5. 

Unit 1: The Nature of Science 

Students learn how to use the scientific method.

Students learn the importance of lab safety rules

Students use and record data in logs and journals, and communicate their findings in graphs and charts

Students have frequent opportunities to observe demonstrations and engage in hands-on activities using lab equipment.

Our scientists worked with a lab partner to use the scientific method for a coin lab. Here were some of the questions our scientists solved:
How did the size of the coins affect the number of drops the coin would hold?
Was there an anomaly in this experiment? What might be one explanation for this anomaly? 
How could you improve this experiment? 
Science Quiz on Monday!