Shannon Rouse » A Superhero Welcome from PK4B

A Superhero Welcome from PK4B

Miss Jamie and I are so delighted to welcome you all to PK4B! We are so excited to embark on this journey as we help to facilitate growth in knowledge and skill that will be the foundation for which our students will use to continue to build upon as they learn, grow and develop.


            The theme for our PK4B classroom this year is Superheroes. Our PK4 friends love and quickly identify with the qualities and attributes of being a good superhero as they see themselves in the superheroes they love and aspire to be like as they grow big and strong. This fun and dynamic theme will continue to expand as the year progresses, helping our students not only to use their imagination, but to work hard to embody the essence of a superhero. They learn to care for others and themselves, how to resolve conflict, and what it means to be a good citizen of our classroom and the community at large, all with these positive core principals at the forefront of their decision making. The theming of the classroom provides a resourceful environmental prompt that helps them to quickly remember the rules and ideals we aspire to achieve each and everyday. 


            We are so very thankful and blessed to be the teachers of some amazing “superheroes in training” this year. Please check in with our website periodically to see what is going on in PK4B, what is going on around the school, resources to help us create continuity between home and school, as well as events to attend throughout the school year.