Week of 3/2 Updates

1. Due to some confusion last week, the spelling words this week will be the same as last week. The quiz we were originally supposed to take on 2/28 will now be on 3/6.
2. Friday is a half day and a special dress down day in an effort to raise money for the Pennies for Patients drive that we will be doing through March (being introduced next week--look out for a separate email/check the Parents Page about this).
3. As I'm sure you will begin to hear more about at home, we are embarking on our much anticipated "Chicks Unit" starting this week! In 2nd grade we cover a science unit on animals and life cycles. To go along with the unit, we work with a local farm each year and receive some eggs that we incubate for 21 days in our classroom and then get to see hatch and flourish for about a week or so after hatching! It is always such an exciting time of year and we are looking forward to seeing our little 2nd graders become such responsible caregivers :)
4. Keep your eye out for an email going out regarding First Communion this week and also a permission slip going home in red folders for our next field trip (April 2nd). 
Hope everyone has a lovely week!