Week of 12/9 Updates

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and getting ready for break! Please see the following updates for the week:
1.) We have unfortunately had many absences in our class in the past week due to sickness. So far, families have done a great job with keeping their child home until they are fully better and no longer contagious, but just a reminder to please not send your child to school until they have no longer had a fever or thrown up for a full 24 hours. Additionally, even if they are fever free, keep in mind that if they are not well enough to participate in a regular day of classroom activities, it would be best to keep them home. We have been reminding the kids to wash their hands and use sanitizer throughout the day as well as cleaning the room as much as possible, but we need parent support as well to keep the classroom as healthy as possible!
2.) The spelling words for the week are posted to the Weekly Spelling Words page. We will have a quiz on Friday. 
3.) There will be an Mid Module 4 Assessment on Thursday of this week. The assessment will cover the lessons that we did thus far in the module (Addition and subtraction using place value charts and stacking--some with borrowing/regrouping, some without). We will be doing a review sheet on Wednesday in class that will be very similar to the assessment. It will go home with your child and is a great studying tool. 
4.) Reminder that our Christmas Concert is next Tuesday (12/17) at 8:30am in the Church. You can send your child up to the classroom that morning instead of the auditorium. Students are allowed to wear their "Christmas Best" that day-- just no jeans, tee shirts or sneakers.
5.) This Saturday is First Penance for all the students who are making it! Please arrive to the church by about 9:45 so the ceremony can get started on time at 10:00. You will be asked to sign your child in at the back of the church and then you can take a seat next to your child anywhere in the front half of the church. Please continue to review the Act of Contrition at home this week and discuss with your child what they might want to talk to the priest about. Thank you for all of your support with this!