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2A Information

Welcome to 2nd grade!
On this page, you will be able to find various updates regarding our class (school events, tests/quizzes, due dates, photos, reading logs, extra parent resources, etc.). Please check back frequently/subscribe to this page so you can stay up to date with what's going on in 2A!


Week of 3/9 Updates

1.) Spring Picture Day is on Tuesday, March 10th! Please make sure you submitted your forms if you would like to order pictures. It is a "dress up" day.
2.) There is a Communion Retreat this Wednesday for students making their First Communion next month. It will start at 5:30 in the St. Stephens gym. This is where banner kits and information will be distributed, so if you are unable to make it, please let us know so we can make sure to give your child a banner kit this week.
3.) There will be a math quiz on Thursday on all of the lessons we've done so far in Module 6 (Lessons 1-9). We will be reviewing on Wednesday and the review sheets will go home that night for extra studying.
4.) Our class page for the Pennies for Patients fundraiser can be found at:
5.) We have regular spelling words this week with a quiz on Friday. Words are posted to the Weekly Spelling Words page.
6.) Lastly, please remember to take precaution and keep your child home if he or she is feeling ill at all! We would rather be safe than sorry at this point and are happy to catch students up on anything they might be missing. Thank you for your cooperation!

Week of 3/2 Updates

1. Due to some confusion last week, the spelling words this week will be the same as last week. The quiz we were originally supposed to take on 2/28 will now be on 3/6.
2. Friday is a half day and a special dress down day in an effort to raise money for the Pennies for Patients drive that we will be doing through March (being introduced next week--look out for a separate email/check the Parents Page about this).
3. As I'm sure you will begin to hear more about at home, we are embarking on our much anticipated "Chicks Unit" starting this week! In 2nd grade we cover a science unit on animals and life cycles. To go along with the unit, we work with a local farm each year and receive some eggs that we incubate for 21 days in our classroom and then get to see hatch and flourish for about a week or so after hatching! It is always such an exciting time of year and we are looking forward to seeing our little 2nd graders become such responsible caregivers :)
4. Keep your eye out for an email going out regarding First Communion this week and also a permission slip going home in red folders for our next field trip (April 2nd). 
Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Week of 2/10 Updates

1.) There is no school on Thursday, February 13th. Please let me know if your child will be missing any days before or after winter break!
2.) There are no spelling words this week.
3.) Please see separate post regarding Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie. 
4.) There is no school next week for winter break (2/17-2/21).
5.) We will be celebrating Valentine's Day this Friday in class. If your child would like to bring in valentine cards (not mandatory) please send them in on that day and make sure that there is one for every student. It is easiest if the valentines come without specific children's names so passing them out is less time consuming!
Hope everyone stays healthy and enjoys the winter break!

Friday 2/14 Harry Potter

Good afternoon!
As you all know, we have been very enthusiastically reading the Harry Potter books in 2nd grade. We recently finished the 2nd book, and on Friday (2/14) as a mini celebration before February break and for completing the book, we were going to start the second movie (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). From what I have gathered, most of the kids have already seen the second movie, but I wanted to be 100% sure that everyone has permission to watch it. 
Please send me an email only if you prefer your child not watch the movie. We will not watch it if anyone is unable to participate and think of another way to celebrate.
Thank you!

Week of 1/27 Updates

1.) There will be regular spelling words and reading log for this week. The spelling quiz will be on Friday,
2.) Please see the 2nd Grade Parent email that Rabiya sent out for information regarding Catholic Schools Week this week and all of the uniform changes for particular days!
3.) Spring Kids Clubs begin this week. Please make your that your child knows his or her new after school schedule for the second half of the year!

Week of 1/20 Updates

We hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm! Please see the few updates for this coming week:
1. There will be no spelling words this week due to the short week. Reading logs will go home today.
2. There are no clubs this week--unless the club leader specified that they need to do a makeup. New clubs will start next week.
3. Next week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week! Please look out for an email from administration about more information regarding some of the activities planned for the week.
4. Since we are finished with Module 4, those workbooks can stay at home now. We will be starting Module 5 at some point this week and will be distributing new workbooks.

Week of 1/13 Updates

A few reminders for the upcoming week:
1.) Weekly spelling words are posted and the quiz will be on Friday. 
2.) There will be a Module 4 Math Assessment this Friday. We will be completing a review sheet in class on Thursday that will be your best study tool for the test, but reviewing some of the problem sets in the module all week would also be helpful!
3.) Fall Picture Day Retake is Tuesday (1/14) this week.
4.) We will be beginning our second round of MAP testing this week and continuing it into next week. If you know that your child will be absent any day this week or next, please let me know so that I can have his or her MAP testing completed on time!
5.) There is no school on Monday of next week for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
6.) This is the last week of Fall Kids Clubs! The only clubs that will meet next week are those that have indicated they need to do a makeup session. Spring Kids Clubs do not begin until the last week of January (1/27).

Week of 1/6 Updates

Happy New Year everyone!! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. It feels like forever since we've been at school and we are so happy to be back! Please see the following updates for the week:
1.) There will be no new spelling words this week. Instead, we will have a cumulative quiz on Friday on the word lists we have covered since our last cumulative quiz. I will post the full list under the Weekly Spelling Words page. We will choose 20 out of the 30 words at random for the quiz. 
2.) Regular reading logs will be sent home this week.
3.) This Friday is a half day (dress down day TBD--keep an eye out for information on the Parents' Page).
4.) Next week will be the final week of Fall Kids Clubs. Some clubs will be holding makeups the following week (week of 1/20) if applicable. An email about registering for the next round of clubs will be going out later this week.

Week of 12/16 Updates

Good morning! Please see the following updates for the week. A special thank you to everyone who participated in First Reconciliation--we could not have done it without all of your support at home!
1.) Tuesday (12/16) is our Christmas Concert. It will start at 8:30 in the church. You can send your child straight upstairs to the classroom upon arrival in the morning instead of the gym. The students are allowed to wear their "Christmas best" instead of uniforms. 
2.) Tuesday is also Pizza Lunch. Please remember to still pack a morning snack, along with a drink/snack for lunchtime. 
3.) There will be no spelling words this week. There is still a reading log.
4.) Friday is a half day and a pajama dress down day (and our Cookies and Cocoa celebration)! If your child does not want to wear pj's, they can just dress down/wear cozy clothes. They should still be wearing regular shoes (no slippers that might make it too difficult to walk in!).
5.) If your child is going to be absent before or after the Christmas break due to travel, please let me know this week! 
We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Years! We will see you all in January!

Week of 12/9 Updates

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and getting ready for break! Please see the following updates for the week:
1.) We have unfortunately had many absences in our class in the past week due to sickness. So far, families have done a great job with keeping their child home until they are fully better and no longer contagious, but just a reminder to please not send your child to school until they have no longer had a fever or thrown up for a full 24 hours. Additionally, even if they are fever free, keep in mind that if they are not well enough to participate in a regular day of classroom activities, it would be best to keep them home. We have been reminding the kids to wash their hands and use sanitizer throughout the day as well as cleaning the room as much as possible, but we need parent support as well to keep the classroom as healthy as possible!
2.) The spelling words for the week are posted to the Weekly Spelling Words page. We will have a quiz on Friday. 
3.) There will be an Mid Module 4 Assessment on Thursday of this week. The assessment will cover the lessons that we did thus far in the module (Addition and subtraction using place value charts and stacking--some with borrowing/regrouping, some without). We will be doing a review sheet on Wednesday in class that will be very similar to the assessment. It will go home with your child and is a great studying tool. 
4.) Reminder that our Christmas Concert is next Tuesday (12/17) at 8:30am in the Church. You can send your child up to the classroom that morning instead of the auditorium. Students are allowed to wear their "Christmas Best" that day-- just no jeans, tee shirts or sneakers.
5.) This Saturday is First Penance for all the students who are making it! Please arrive to the church by about 9:45 so the ceremony can get started on time at 10:00. You will be asked to sign your child in at the back of the church and then you can take a seat next to your child anywhere in the front half of the church. Please continue to review the Act of Contrition at home this week and discuss with your child what they might want to talk to the priest about. Thank you for all of your support with this!

Week of 12/2 Updates

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Please see some important updates below:
1.) The spelling words for the week are posted to the Weekly Spelling Words Page. There will be a quiz on Friday. We do have reading logs this week as well.
2.) This Friday (12/6) is a half day and a dress down day. 
3.) If your child is making First Reconciliation, please continue to prepare at home with them this week. Some good ways to prepare are: practice the Act of Contrition, discuss what your child might want to talk to the priest about that day, and go over the procedures of going to Confession (see the laminated card that went home last week). 
4.) In the spirit of Advent, we'll be decorating our classroom this Friday for Christmas! If you happen to have any old decorations laying around, please send them in! Please don't go buy anything--we have some old things in our closets that we'll be able to use, and students will be able to make some decorations. If you have anything old or extra, though, we'll gladly take them off your hands! 

Week of 11/25 Updates

1.) Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday (no school 11/27, 11/28, 11/29).   We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
2.) Since it is such a short week, there will be no spelling words or reading logs. We will still have library on Tuesday. 
3.) Please look out for an email later today about more details regarding First Penance (Saturday, December 14).

Week of 11/18 Updates

1.) The weekly spelling words are posted. There will be a quiz on Friday. There is also a spelling activities worksheet posted for November if you are looking for new ways to practice the words with your child. 
2.) The Giving Thanks Lunch is tomorrow (11/19)! You do not need to send a lunch for your child if he or she is interested in eating the lunch provided. You can always send a lunch as usual just in case your child does not like what is being served.
3.) With Thanksgiving being next week, I know there will likely be some travel plans coming up. Please let me know if your child is going to be missing school next week or the week following Thanksgiving!

Week of 11/11 Updates

1. There is no school on Monday (11/11) or Friday (11/15). We are looking forward to meeting with many of you on Friday! We are quite busy that day with meetings and will need to stick to the schedule as closely as possible to keep things moving, so please try to be on time and expect to be here for your 15 minute interval! Report cards and MAP results will be distributed at the meeting.
2. We will be getting new math workbooks on Tuesday (Module 4), so the old math workbook (Modules 1, 2 & 3) can now be kept at home since we are finished with them!
3. There will be no new spelling words this week or reading logs due to the short week. Please encourage your child to continue to read for fun anyway!

Week of 11/4 Updates

Some important updates for this week:
1.) Fall Picture Day is on Tuesday, November 5th. Please have your child wear their regular winter uniform. 2A will be having their pictures done at 10:20.
2.) There is no school for students on Wednesday, November 6th (Faculty Religious Conference), Monday, November 11th (Veterans' Day) and Friday, November 15th (Parent Teacher Conferences).
3.) There will be NO new spelling words this week. Instead, we will have a "cumulative" spelling quiz on Friday. The quiz will cover the 4 weeks of spelling words that we have done so far. We will be choosing 20 of the words at random 
(not all 40), so please review all of the words with your child this week!
4.) There will be a Module 3 Math Test on Friday as well. We will be doing a review sheet in class on Thursday. This will be your best study tool as it will be very similar to the exam on Friday! We will also send the math workbooks home every night this week (even if your child does not have homework) so that you can review the lessons we have done in Module 3.
5.) This Friday is also a "school spirit" day! Your child is allowed to wear their school shirts and bottoms of their choice.