Week of 3/9 Updates

Good morning, everyone! Some news for you all:
  • We'll be having a Mid-Module 6 Math Assessment on Thursday, lessons 1 through 9 in the green book. We're reviewing today and tomorrow, I will remind students to bring their books home if you wish to look over them. 
  • In ELA, we've been reading different books in our book club groups. Students have been getting various forms of homework this week, and thus have been bringing the books home. Many students have been forgetting or misplacing their books, and I don't have any extras. This is very disruptive to the reading group, so please remind your students to bring their books back to school each day. I have spoken to them about this, and they know it is their responsibility to keep track of their things and prepare for their own learning, but a reminder would be helpful!
  • There is a Communion Retreat this Wednesday for students making their First Communion next month. It will start at 5:30 in the St. Stephens gym. This is where banner kits and information will be distributed, so if you are unable to make it, please let us know so we can make sure to give your child a banner kit this week.
  • The chicks of 2B are alive and well. I'm sure you've heard about them, the class voted on Buckbeak and Peanut. They have grown immensely over the last week, and we have about 2 weeks left until the 7 eggs begin to hatch. We were able to "candle" the eggs yesterday, which means we were able to shine a powerful light inside and begin to see some development. Students were able to see the veins leading to a very tiny chick. 
  • Does anyone have a single copy of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl? We'd love to borrow it for a few weeks, and will absolutely return it.
  • Lastly, we talked quite a bit about hand washing yesterday. We did a mystery science lesson, watched a BrainPop Jr. Video, and then started to practice. We have a very cool solution that acts as fake germs that students were able to spread all over their hands, and see the germs under a blacklight flashlight. Then, they washed their hands for 20 seconds, and came back and saw how many germs remained, and which areas they need to do a better job at washing. I'll be honest, the students did not do well. About a quarter of the students forgot to use soap, despite having just discussed, which leads me to believe it isn't part of their routine. Only 3 students came back with their hands perfectly cleaned. Many forgot common areas (between the fingers, near the finger nails). Please go over this with your children at home! Obviously this is especially relevant now, but I was surprised to see how much practice still needs to be had in this area, as students should be regularly washing their hands regardless of sickness-season. We'll be doing the same experiment again later in the week, and I hope to see some improvement. 
Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.