3/2 Updates

Good evening, everyone! Some updates for this week:
  • The chicks are arriving tomorrow! 2B will be receiving 2 newly born chicks, as well as 7 eggs. They'll be able to observe the 2 babies as they begin to mature (they end up growing a shocking amount), and we'll be able to take care of the eggs. We had a conversation today about how although we get 7 eggs, we will most likely not be getting 7 chicks. On average, we should expect 3-5 eggs to hatch properly.
  • In ELA, tomorrow, we'll be starting new books for our reading groups. Because of this, there will be no reading logs. Students will having book-specific work sent home for homework. They might have to read a few pages, a few chapters, or do an accompanying activity based on what we read in class. The work and expectations will differ from group to group, and work will usually be on a post-it note attached to the book. Please be careful with the books, and be sure the book is sent back to school each day. Please be sure your child keeps up with the assigned reading at home (there might not be reading each and every night), and please do NOT read ahead. We want to be able to make predictions and inferences, and do so while we're all at the same spot. 
  • Be on the lookout for an email later this week about First Communion, as well as a permission slip for our next field trip.
As always, feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. Happy to be in touch.