2/24 Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! 
I hope you and your families and a wonderful February break. We're back at it, and I couldn't have been more excited to see the class this morning!
A few updates for this week:
  • I will be off-site for a professional development this Thursday and Friday. If there are any changes in dismissal, or anything that will affect your child's day-to-day activities this Thursday and Friday, please include both myself and Mrs. Keefe on the email (akeefe@saintstephenschool.org). 
  • We started a new math module this week, which is the foundations of multiplication. With some groups of students, we will be delving into multiplication a little more intensely. For now, we're dealing with equal groups and will be moving into repeated addition sentences as the week progresses. 
  • In ELA, we're finishing up our biographies this week. As I mentioned a bit before break, the students interviewed classmates in 2A and have been diligently using the information they gathered to write multi-paragraph biographies. After the drafts, we talked about revising and editing. They had an opportunity to peer-check work, and have been working on nice, neat final copies. We're in the home stages of that, and hope to finish up this week. It really is incredible to see how far their writing has come since September!
  • We spoke in Religion today about what Lent means, and the significance of Ash Wednesday. We discussed that tomorrow, we'll be doing an activity that will hang up in our classroom for the duration of Lent. Students will have to think of some people they can pray for throughout Lent, something they might want to give up for Lent, and a way they can show kindness during Lent. Feel free to brainstorm the answers to those questions with your child tonight! 
  • In Social Studies, we've been talking about government. Todays lesson was about rules and laws, and why we have them. In the very near future, students will be having a mock "city council" meeting, in which students will elect representatives and make a decision about a proposed problem. 
  • Baby chicks should be arriving midweek next week. More on that before they arrive, of course, but you may start to hear the students talking about it toward the end of the week. While we will be discussing animal adaptations, biodiversity, and how different animals need different things to survive, we'll also have some time to simply play with the chicks for the next 4 weeks. 
As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!
- Dan