1/20 Updates

Good evening, everyone! A few things to note!
  • No spelling words this week! Reading Logs, however, are a go!
  • This is Club Make-Up Week. Spring Clubs start next week!
  • We started Module 5 in Math today, which is more addition and subtraction. (Module 4 was within 200, Module 5 is within 1,000). Many of the students have mastered this material in Module 4, so we may breeze through some sections. Students will be clear on what work is expected of them and any changes that are made.
  • We are starting a new writing unit, specifically on biographies. Last week, we gathered information by interviewing students in 2A. This week, we'll start drafting paragraphs based on the data we collected. Then, we'll revise our work, peer-edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and then publish a final copy! On the flip side, the students in 2B will be having their own biography written by a partner in 2A.
  • This Friday, we'll be celebrating the fullness of our marble jar! We will be watching Disney's The Lion King (animated, rated G). Students will be allowed to bring in one stuffed animal pal to enjoy the movie with, and I'll be getting popsicles for the class. (Remember, they are the ones that voted for an icy treat in the dead of winter!)
As always, let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
- Dan