12/3 Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!
I hope you had a restful break with friends and family. A small request, and a few notes about what we've been up to in 2B!
  • In the spirit of Advent, we'll be decorating our classroom this Friday for Christmas! If you happen to have any old decorations laying around, please send them in! Please don't go buy anything--we have some things in our closets that we'll be able to use, and students will be able to make some decorations. If you have anything old or extra, though, we'll gladly take them off your hands! 
  • We've done it, folks. We've arrived in math to the addition and subtraction that we all learned when we were kids with the stacking/regrouping in vertical form. Your child has been working on it in class, and might have some extra practice at home. They should also be doing work with their place value chart--they should be able to tell you how the two coorelate!
  • We'll be starting a unit on paragraph writing in ELA, beginning with topic sentences, moving to details, and finally a closing sentence. We expect that your child should be able to produce a succinct 5 sentence paragraph by the holidays! 
  • In science, we just finished a unit on the power that water has on the earth, and the process of erosion. Staying in this lane, we just started a book called "Salila and the turtle", in which a girl had to clean some water in order to save a turtle. We'll be testing materials next week, and making our own water filters after that. 
  • In social studies, we're learning about Maps, which will tie into different landforms (which, look at that, ties into our science unit about mountains and canyons!) That will carry on in the next couple of weeks to different types of environments (rural, urban, suburban)
  • We are continuing to talk about Reconciliation. Today's lesson was about how when we sin we get a little lost, but through the sacrament of Reconciliation we can join with God and get back on track. We also talked about what a conscience is, and how when we examine our conscience we are able to understand right from wrong.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a fantastic week.
-Mr. Mullen