11/14 Updates

Good morning, everyone! 
  • Thank you all for being so flexible with Parent/Teacher Conferences. The Conferences that I have had so far have been wonderful, and I very much look forward to discussing with the rest of you tomorrow! Keep in mind that the time goes by quickly, and we will be setting a timer in order to stay on schedule. I'll have lots of things for you--an updated reading level, report card, most recent MAP data, a writing sample, our most recent math test, and a student self-evaluation. Please come prepared with any questions or concerns!
  • We did Module 3 Lesson 3 today in math, and many students will have to finish or do some extra practice at home. It's tricky stuff, and I wanted to mention a few quick things that might help you monitor your child's learning with this lesson. The end goal here is being able to add mentally but the strategy we're using right now Is called the "arrow way", which allows us to add tens and ones. For example, if the problem read 24 + 30, they could start at 24, and add 10 three times.It gets tricky, though, when the problem is something like 24 + 19. Our strategy for that is to add 20, then subtract one (which is the same as adding 19). For example, 24 -->34--->44--->43. It's a work in progress, and we'll be continuing with this well into next week. 
  • We gave the Archdiocese mandated lesson on "mental health" today, so feel free to reinforce our learning at home. We began the lesson asking about the word "health" and what it means to be "healthy". Expectedly, they all focused on physical health--eat healthy, exercise, get sleep, stay hydrated, etc. We watched a video about emotions, and then discussed how there are other types of health too. The three categories we came up with were 1) physical health 2) mental/emotional health and 3) social health. We'll be discussing more into next week, but we talked about ways we can regulate our mental/emotional health, as well as our social health with friends and family members. Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them! 
Thank you all, and have a wonderful weekend!
- Mr. Mullen