Mid-Week Updates!

Good morning, everyone! 
A couple of important tidbits: 
  • Your child is going home with a permission slip today--we hope to be able to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Halloween. More info is on the sheet, but I didn't put a "due date"--please get back as soon as possible!
  • Your child is also going home with an interview sheet! In social studies, we've been talking about families and communities. We've touched upon what it means to be an immigrant, and we've talked at length about how to find out information about the past. One primary source we have discussed is an interview with an older member of a community to find out more about what life was like in the past. The students developed a list of questions they were curious about, and I typed them up for their interview sheet. The packet is two parts. The first part is for parents to help with--information about where both parents' families are from, and about when each family arrived in America. The other part is for the student to interview an older member of their family. I explained that the older the better, but all families are different and that may not be possible! If the student has to interview a parents or even a sibling, that is fine--we're flexible! I would love these back by the end of next week, but the earlier the better.
  • We have started our book clubs! Students applied to become "text detectives" yesterday, using evidence and clues from texts to support answers to questions. Their first detective test was to make a prediction about the book based on the cover and some pictures and support their prediction with evidence. Today we'll start reading our books. There are 4 different groups and 4 different books. For now, all work will be done in class, but eventually, I'll be sending books home and there will be some assigned reading in lieu of the nightly reading log.