Week of 10/21

Good morning, everyone! Some important notes as we enter the weekend. 
  • There will be a Mid-Module 3 math quiz on Tuesday. We'll be reviewing on Monday, and your student will go home with a review sheet. The quiz is on Module 3 Lessons 1-9. I'll make sure to remind students to bring green books home tonight if you want to look over the material this weekend!
  • Early next week we're trying to finish up our running records (individual reading assessments). By mid to late next week, we hope to start our guided reading book clubs! 
  • Now that the MAP testing is over and we have had our data day, I'm hoping that the newest round of MAP data will be uploaded to the "Edgenuity" system, which we'll be using in class for both ELA and Math. The program is individualized based on students' needs, and we generally use it about 3 times each week during small group centers. There won't be required homework with the program, but students are more than welcome to work on it at home in the evening or on weekends. There isn't a way to "go ahead" too far, as there is always new information to learn!