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Welcome to 2nd grade!
On this page, you will be able to find various updates regarding our class (school events, tests/quizzes, due dates, photos, reading logs, extra parent resources, etc.). Please check back frequently/subscribe to this page so you can stay up to date with what's going on in 2B!

Recent Posts

12/3 Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!
I hope you had a restful break with friends and family. A small request, and a few notes about what we've been up to in 2B!
  • In the spirit of Advent, we'll be decorating our classroom this Friday for Christmas! If you happen to have any old decorations laying around, please send them in! Please don't go buy anything--we have some things in our closets that we'll be able to use, and students will be able to make some decorations. If you have anything old or extra, though, we'll gladly take them off your hands! 
  • We've done it, folks. We've arrived in math to the addition and subtraction that we all learned when we were kids with the stacking/regrouping in vertical form. Your child has been working on it in class, and might have some extra practice at home. They should also be doing work with their place value chart--they should be able to tell you how the two coorelate!
  • We'll be starting a unit on paragraph writing in ELA, beginning with topic sentences, moving to details, and finally a closing sentence. We expect that your child should be able to produce a succinct 5 sentence paragraph by the holidays! 
  • In science, we just finished a unit on the power that water has on the earth, and the process of erosion. Staying in this lane, we just started a book called "Salila and the turtle", in which a girl had to clean some water in order to save a turtle. We'll be testing materials next week, and making our own water filters after that. 
  • In social studies, we're learning about Maps, which will tie into different landforms (which, look at that, ties into our science unit about mountains and canyons!) That will carry on in the next couple of weeks to different types of environments (rural, urban, suburban)
  • We are continuing to talk about Reconciliation. Today's lesson was about how when we sin we get a little lost, but through the sacrament of Reconciliation we can join with God and get back on track. We also talked about what a conscience is, and how when we examine our conscience we are able to understand right from wrong.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a fantastic week.
-Mr. Mullen

11/14 Updates

Good morning, everyone! 
  • Thank you all for being so flexible with Parent/Teacher Conferences. The Conferences that I have had so far have been wonderful, and I very much look forward to discussing with the rest of you tomorrow! Keep in mind that the time goes by quickly, and we will be setting a timer in order to stay on schedule. I'll have lots of things for you--an updated reading level, report card, most recent MAP data, a writing sample, our most recent math test, and a student self-evaluation. Please come prepared with any questions or concerns!
  • We did Module 3 Lesson 3 today in math, and many students will have to finish or do some extra practice at home. It's tricky stuff, and I wanted to mention a few quick things that might help you monitor your child's learning with this lesson. The end goal here is being able to add mentally but the strategy we're using right now Is called the "arrow way", which allows us to add tens and ones. For example, if the problem read 24 + 30, they could start at 24, and add 10 three times.It gets tricky, though, when the problem is something like 24 + 19. Our strategy for that is to add 20, then subtract one (which is the same as adding 19). For example, 24 -->34--->44--->43. It's a work in progress, and we'll be continuing with this well into next week. 
  • We gave the Archdiocese mandated lesson on "mental health" today, so feel free to reinforce our learning at home. We began the lesson asking about the word "health" and what it means to be "healthy". Expectedly, they all focused on physical health--eat healthy, exercise, get sleep, stay hydrated, etc. We watched a video about emotions, and then discussed how there are other types of health too. The three categories we came up with were 1) physical health 2) mental/emotional health and 3) social health. We'll be discussing more into next week, but we talked about ways we can regulate our mental/emotional health, as well as our social health with friends and family members. Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them! 
Thank you all, and have a wonderful weekend!
- Mr. Mullen

11/4 Updates

Good morning, everyone! A few updates this week:
  • There will be a Module 3 Assessment this Friday. The test will cover all lessons of Module 3. I'll remind students to bring their green books home each night. There will be a review sheet on Thursday that will be sent home as well.
  • Fall pictures day is tomorrow, Tuesday November 5th. Have your child wear regular school uniform!
  • The social studies "interview" sheets should be turned in at this point. If your child has not, please get it in as soon as possible! Tomorrow we will be talking a bit about what it means to be an immigrant, and we'll mark on a map where every family on our class is originally from. I'll be sure to share the map with you when it is complete! 
  • This Friday your student will be able to wear their St. Stephen shirt for a "spirit" day.
Thank you! As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mid-Week Updates!

Good morning, everyone! 
A couple of important tidbits: 
  • Your child is going home with a permission slip today--we hope to be able to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Halloween. More info is on the sheet, but I didn't put a "due date"--please get back as soon as possible!
  • Your child is also going home with an interview sheet! In social studies, we've been talking about families and communities. We've touched upon what it means to be an immigrant, and we've talked at length about how to find out information about the past. One primary source we have discussed is an interview with an older member of a community to find out more about what life was like in the past. The students developed a list of questions they were curious about, and I typed them up for their interview sheet. The packet is two parts. The first part is for parents to help with--information about where both parents' families are from, and about when each family arrived in America. The other part is for the student to interview an older member of their family. I explained that the older the better, but all families are different and that may not be possible! If the student has to interview a parents or even a sibling, that is fine--we're flexible! I would love these back by the end of next week, but the earlier the better.
  • We have started our book clubs! Students applied to become "text detectives" yesterday, using evidence and clues from texts to support answers to questions. Their first detective test was to make a prediction about the book based on the cover and some pictures and support their prediction with evidence. Today we'll start reading our books. There are 4 different groups and 4 different books. For now, all work will be done in class, but eventually, I'll be sending books home and there will be some assigned reading in lieu of the nightly reading log. 

Week of 10/21

Good morning, everyone! Some important notes as we enter the weekend. 
  • There will be a Mid-Module 3 math quiz on Tuesday. We'll be reviewing on Monday, and your student will go home with a review sheet. The quiz is on Module 3 Lessons 1-9. I'll make sure to remind students to bring green books home tonight if you want to look over the material this weekend!
  • Early next week we're trying to finish up our running records (individual reading assessments). By mid to late next week, we hope to start our guided reading book clubs! 
  • Now that the MAP testing is over and we have had our data day, I'm hoping that the newest round of MAP data will be uploaded to the "Edgenuity" system, which we'll be using in class for both ELA and Math. The program is individualized based on students' needs, and we generally use it about 3 times each week during small group centers. There won't be required homework with the program, but students are more than welcome to work on it at home in the evening or on weekends. There isn't a way to "go ahead" too far, as there is always new information to learn!

10/10 Updates

Good morning, everyone! 
A few things on the horizon for 2B, and a couple important notes.
1) There is no school for students on Monday and Tuesday, and our field trip to the Union Square Greenmarket is on Wednesday. Because of this, there will be no reading logs next week. Students should still read 15-20 minutes each night! 
2) Speaking of reading logs, they should be returned every Friday. Last Friday, we definitely didn't receive all of them. Please hold your child accountable to read each night and fill out the log! There should be at least 2 sentences each night. 
3) We still have 1 chaperone spot available for the field trip on Wednesday. If you happen to be available, please let me know by the end of the day today. 
4) We will still be attending mass on Wednesday, as we won't be leaving for the field trip until later in the morning. Please pack a snack, and we should be back in time for lunch. If you'd like, you can send your child with a small amount of cash (they recommend $3-5) to buy a treat! After the program, there will be about 15 minutes or so to explore the market.

9/30 Updates

Good morning, everyone!
A few quick things this week:
- There will be a math quiz Tuesday on Module 2, mostly dealing with measurement. A review sheet was done on Friday, and I went over the whole thing individually with each student this morning. It will be going home this afternoon. 
- The permission slip for the October 16th Field Trip is going home today, and it has been added to the class calendar. (A copy of the permission slip can also be found over on the "Calendar" page!) You'll see that there is also a waiver that needs to be signed. Please include that with the school permission slip!
- As mentioned at Back to School night, chaperones will be chosen randomly once all forms have been collected. Please notate on the permission slip if you are available to chaperone. Chaperones will be notified and confirmed after the collection of all permission slips.
- There is a spelling quiz of grade 1 sight words this Friday. The words are listed on the "Weekly Spelling" page of the website. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
- Mr. Mullen

Module 2 Assessment

Good morning, everyone! We are working our way through our Module 2 on measurement. We will tentatively have a End-of-Module Assessment next Tuesday, October 1. Our math schedule for the week will be as follows (unless we need some extra practice!)
Monday: Lesson 6
Tuesday: Lesson 7
Wednesday: Lesson 8
Thursday: Lesson 10
Friday: Review
Monday: Review (A practice review quiz will be going home to study from!)
Tuesday: Module 2 Assessment