Corona Virus Mike Deegan Letter - 03-06-20

Dear St. Stephen of Hungary Parents,
As mentioned in our March 5th Parents Page, our faculty and staff are seeing some anxiety among our students around the coronavirus, along with misinformation.  Rumors are rampant - and sometimes the students themselves are the ones spreading them - but all the same, it can be tremendously frightening for our students to hear such misinformation.
Today, we received a letter from our Superintendent, Mr. Michael Deegan, with updates on Archdiocesan policies and with a valuable and important resource about how to speak with your children about the coronavirus.  Please read the attached letter, and then scroll down through the letter to reach the resource for parents.  I think you will find it helpful.
We spoke about this at our faculty meeting today, and we are providing some additional resources to our teachers, so they can be prepared to speak with students about their fears, answer their questions, and help them determine fact from fiction.  Anything that we can do to give our children some sense of control over this situation will help them cope and will alleviate their anxiety.
Our faculty also spent time working out how they will continue their instruction on a web-based platform should we have to close school for any length of time. There is no immediate need to close school; however, we want to be prepared.
We continue to maintain our daily schedule, and will do so until we have reason to do otherwise.  Please encourage your children to wash their hands frequently, please keep your children home if they have a fever or are ill, and please respond promptly if we call you to retrieve your child from school due to a fever or illness.  These are good habits, regardless of the coronavirus, but they are especially important now.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your time with your families,
Kelly Burke