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COVID-19 Update

In these uncertain times, it is important that parents have as much information as possible about how schools will care for their children, the expectations for students, parents and staff members, and most importantly, how illness will be handled when there is potential for infection.  
Parents can find extensive information in the New York State Department of Education Reopening Guidelines, the New York State Department of Education Reopening Guidelines for Private Schools, the New York State Health Department Reopening Guidelines for Schools and the Archdiocese of New York Catholic Schools Reopening Guidelines - all posted to the right of this web page.
Parents can find more specific information about how St. Stephen of Hungary School is implementing these various guidelines in the St. Stephen of Hungary School Implementation Plan and various policy topics, also located on the right hand side of this web page.
When new policies are implemented or current policies are altered, an announcement will appear on this web page. Parents who subscribe to the Principal's webpage will automatically receive daily notification of any additions or announcements to this page via email notification.  Parents are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this page for updated information.
Our School Community can navigate these policies and procedures with patience, trust and an understanding that everyone has a part to play in keeping children and staff safe.  We must all remain vigilant and flexible, willing to respond to whatever situations occur in an attentive, but kind manner.  We appreciate your commitment to keeping our students safe and supporting them as they continue to learn and flourish.