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3A Updates

Math-Mid-Module test Thursday, review sheets given in class this week. 
Giving Thanks Lunch on Tuesday: we are asking for a suggested donation of $5 (or more) to support Cabrini Immigrant Services. Donations (check or cash) will be collected on November 19th. 

Giving Thanks

This year, in lieu of food donations, we are asking for a suggested donation of $5 (or more) to support Cabrini Immigrant Services, a Catholic charity that works closely with immigrants to assist with housing, food, clothing, job placement, ESL and job skills.
Any amount big or small would be most appreciated. Donations (check or cash) will be collected on November 19th.

Classroom Request

Students need headphones for their Chromebooks. The headphones will be kept in the classroom. Please do not send expensive headphones/earbuds. 
We are also in need of extra snacks. If you would like to donate to third grade, please send in individual packages of "healthy" snacks. Thank you!

Homework 10/25

Finish The Case of the Gasping Garbage (Chapters 7 and 8). Be ready to discuss the events of the story in class on Monday. You must bring the book back to class on Monday.  Review main ideas, bible stories, and key words. 
Chapter 2 Religion test on Wednesday, 10/30. Review main ideas, bible stories, and key words. 

Upcoming Assessments:

Math: Wednesday, October 23rd: Students will have a review sheet in class to practice concepts learned in Module 1. 
Topics to be tested: 
  • Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division
  • Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.
  • Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.

    Social Studies: Friday, October 25: 

    Name and Locate:

    • 7 Continents
    • 4 Oceans
    • Hemispheres
    • Equator
    • Prime Meridian
    • Cardinal directions


    Describe where places are in relation to each other and describe connections between places. 

    Information can be found in the Social Studies book on pages: SSH2-SSH3 and 4-5. Books can be used to study, but must be brought back to school on Monday.

Math Homework: Friday, October 18th

Students must complete homework problems for lessons 20 (pages 85 and 86) and 21 (pages 89-90). 

Religion test Chapter 3

Friday, October 16th: know key words and definitions, Bible stories in chapter, and main topics from each page. 

Reading Response Questions

Students will read 15 minutes each night from an independent reading book. Students will respond to one question each night  from the following list of questions . Students must answer the question in complete sentences. Please write the date in your notebook each night that you are responding to a question. If students forget their reading notebook at school they can respond to a question on a piece of paper. Please pick a different question each night. 

Week of October 7th:

MoMath Field Trip on Wednesday, October 16th: 
Return Field Trip permission slip. 3 chaperones from each class needed. 
We will eat lunch at Madison Square Park, weather permitting. Please send a disposable lunch.