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2A Information

Welcome to 2nd grade!
On this page, you will be able to find various updates regarding our class (school events, tests/quizzes, due dates, photos, reading logs, extra parent resources, etc.). Please check back frequently/subscribe to this page so you can stay up to date with what's going on in 2A!


Important Midweek Social Studies Update

Hello 2A parents!

Thank you so much for completing the "All About My Family" worksheet with your child.  Mrs. Cove and I really enjoyed reading about our students' heritage and were amazed to see how our class is represented all around the world.  As we continue on this unit, the class discussed how families have unique characteristics and traditions.  In order to learn more about each other’s family backgrounds, we are requesting that you bring in something small and special (i.e. photograph, artifact, something important to the family, a story/family tradition you share) that represents a part of your family history by this Friday, November 1st.  We have discussed this in class with the students, so they are aware of this next step. We will make sure that your item is returned safely to you that same day.  Thank you so much and let us know if you have any questions!


Ms. Julie 

Week of 10/21 Updates

1.) There will be a Mid-Module 3 math quiz on Tuesday (Lessons 1-9 in workbooks). We'll be reviewing on Monday, and your child will go home with a completed review sheet. I'll make sure to remind students to bring workbooks home tonight if you want to look over the material this weekend!
2.) We have library on Tuesday--please remind your child to bring in their book to exchange!
3.) Look out for an email early next week from Ms. Julie regarding a social studies unit we are working on. We will be sending home a "family interview" sheet on Monday that we hope you can work on/discuss with your child at home. Please return the interview sheets by Friday (10/25)!
4.) The new spelling words are posted on the Weekly Spelling Words page. There will be a quiz on Friday. Again, please review any old sight words that your child is still grappling with. There will be a cumulative quiz in a few weeks, so it's always good to continue practicing all of these words!

Week of 10/14 Updates

1.) There is no school for students on Monday (10/14) and Tuesday (10/15). Since it is such a short week, there will be no new spelling words or spelling quiz. There will also not be a reading log going home, but please continue to encourage your child to read every night!
2.) We have a field trip on Wednesday to Union Square Greenmarket.
  • We will still be attending mass that day, so please drop off your child in the church as usual in regular school uniforms.
  • We will not be eating lunch until later this day (about 1:30) due to the start time of our program, so please pack your child a large snack to eat before getting on the bus!
  • If you want your child to be able to purchase anything from any of the vendors at the farmer's market, please send them with a few dollars that day (I would say $3-$5 is enough for a treat). They will be responsible for their own money, so make sure it is kept in a safe place!
** 3.) There will be a mid-module 3 math quiz on Tuesday (10/22). The quiz will     be based on Lessons 1-9 in module 3. Your child will be bringing home his or her math workbook over the weekend in case you want to review any lessons at home. We will complete a review sheet in class on Monday which can be used as a study tool at home that evening. 
Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions!

Week of 10/7 Updates

A few announcements regarding this week:
1.) The new spelling words are posted under the 'Weekly Spelling Words' page. If your child got any sight words wrong on the quiz from Friday, please use this as an indicator to continue working on them this week. Spelling for all of these words should come automatically to your child!
2.) The Module 2 math tests went home on Thursday. You do not need to sign and return tests unless otherwise noted. Please email me if you have any questions about the test. Additionally, as a reminder, if your child is taking his or her math workbook home for homework, please make sure it comes back to school each day!
3.) The chaperones for the Union Square Greenmarket field trip have been chosen and contacted via email already. If you did volunteer and did not receive an email--thank you so much for your support, and you can expect to be chosen for another trip/school event!
4.) Reminder that there is no school for students on Monday, October 14th and Tuesday, October 15th!
Enjoy your week and let me know if you have any questions!